Press Quotes

“Kid appeal: Major. Learning value: Lots.  Grade: A.”  TV GUIDE

“The smartest, zaniest show on the Saturday morning network line-up. Grade: A.”   U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT

Beakman“The kind of television show that advocates of children’s programming have been clamoring for.”   THE NEW YORK TIMES

“The irreverent Beakman can satisfy nearly anyone’s curiosity with an answer that is always right on, and can be wry, energetic, sarcastic, engaging, funny, and loud.”   THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

“Fact: 90% of the scientists who ever lived are alive today. Fact: the lively host of Beakman’s World may be funnier and more informative than any of them.”   THE WASHINGTON POST

“...A stimulating, scientifically sound, humorous and effective presentation of science.”   THE NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF EDUCATION

Presenter Quotes

“Wildly successful! Performances were 100% full, and we had a great time with him.” Susan Schultz, CINCINNATI MUSEUM CENTER

“It was a fabulous series of days with Paul Zaloom! Your generosity in going the extra mile for the elementary school here was truly appreciated.” Margo Crutchfield, VIRGINIA  MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS

Beakman “A huge success! Close to 9,000 Central New Yorkers attended the show…your professional standards reassured me you would be a huge hit. And you were!” Paul M. Burke, WTVH-5

“A spectacular success, filled with a tremendous amount of fun and wackiness. Your shows were the highlight of the evening. (Audience) feedback has been truly outstanding - they absolutely loved you.”  Wesley Hall, CALIFORNIA SCIENCE CENTER

“Completely outstanding and successful…his charismatic personality and work truly touches everyone he works with and meets.” Paul Krajniak, DISCOVERY WORLD MUSEUM, MILWAUKEE

“You have a wonderful gift for working with children, and your sensitivity and caring for our patients was most appreciated.” Mike Burgess and Susan Fallgren, UCLA MEDICAL CENTER

“Mr. Zaloom is obviously good with children, and they adore him. He also affected the children in an extremely positive way by explaining scientific principles incredibly clearly.” Holly Yeager Inman, KANSAS CITY MUSEUM

“Paul Zaloom was incredible with the children…The smiles beaming from Children’s Mercy Hospital that evening lit the Kansas City skyline.” Eden Blackwood, UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE